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  1. Kate (Tardiff) Hutchins

    Mr.Steele will always hold a special place in my child hood memories and in my heart. Big hugs out to all the family and take solace in knowing he was a great man who left a legacy that will live on to inspire many.

  2. Kristl

    Dear Steele clan,
    Our thoughts and love go out to the whole family. We both remember Dave as an avid outdoorsman (Timberlock Voyager leader) and all -around fun and warm person. I have fond memories of gatherings at either Steele’s or Catlin’s (or both) during the winter. Our thoughts are with you all, and we hope you keep the good memories strong in your hearts.
    Kristl and Peter Spalding

  3. Rick & Marilyn Dickinson

    We mourn the loss of a wonderful man who, although we did not have the pleasure of knowing very well, surely imprinted his children deeply on all Dickinsons, young and small. Definitely a testament to Dave’s love of life and family. Thoughts and prayers are winging to you all.

    Rick, Marilyn, Kelly, Tyler, Kaylei and Cam

  4. Peter and Loretta Land


    We learned of Dave’s death this morning in the Valley News. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Peter and Loretta Land

  5. Harvey & Sam Bumps

    Dear Linda and Family,
    We have many fond memories of the Steele family when they lived in the Happy Valley neighborhood and Dave as a wonderful teacher of our girls. Our sympathy and love to you all.
    Harv & Sam

  6. Joe Stevens and Family

    Our Condolences to the Steele Family. I remember spending time at the Steele household as a child in Taftsville. I always enjoyed Mr. Steeles classes. It seems like yesterday that we would start our sliding run in the road besides the Steele’s house in Taftsville and end up at the store! I remember some hot chocolate being served sometimes!

    Our thoughts and Prayers are with family during this time.

    The Stevens Family

  7. Sydney White

    My deepest sympathy goes to the entire Steele family. I had the pleasure of calling David a colleague while I was teaching at WES. He always had a smile on his face during those wonderful inservice meetings and school year welcoming gatherings. I also was lucky enough to teach some of David’s and Linda’s children. Linda, my thoughts are with you and the children. What happy memories you all will have.

  8. Mandy Kinne

    Steele family –

    I am so sorry for your loss. It was in Mr. Steele’s class that I finally understood how to write a good book report, which turned out to be pretty fun – I am and always will be a writer of some kind in part because of that. I was lucky to be in Susie’s class and knew Mr. Steele a bit outside of the classroom. Because of wacky circumstances, I was co-caretaker at the Braeside Motel the spring of my junior year and needed a ride to school; Susie and Mr. Steele picked me up every morning for the last 2 months of school. It was maybe a small thing, but I knew that two people still cared. I wish I had taken the time to thank Mr. Steele, this will inadequately have to do.


  9. Jim and Lea Kachadorian and

    Dear Steele Family,

    We remember David for his sense of humor in dealing with all sorts of wild and wooly kids! He always encouraged creativity, and, still insisted on good judgment! What a fine man to have taught our boys! What a fine memory he has left! We send sympathy and love,

    Jim and Lea

  10. Sean Wieland

    My deepest condolences to the Steele family. I think of Mr. Steele often, every time I think of a John Steinbeck book, or White Fang. He was the first person to introduce me to many books that I still love to this day. I remember his classroom across the hall from the boys bathroom, where he would always catch the “older” kids smoking. His influence on me (and doubtless countless others) made a lasting impression, and I will always be thankful.

  11. Wanda Stetson

    Dear Linda and Family,
    Working with Dave, my mentor teacher, for 25 years at Woodstock Union Middle School was an honor. His wisdom, love of learning, and respect for his students and colleagues helped to guide me as a young teacher. Jenny, Dave, Susie, Mike, and Tim know that he was so proud of you as well as all of the hundreds of kids whose lives he touched.
    With Love,

  12. Keith Porter

    Dear Steele Family,
    Your warm and loving family is in my thoughts during this difficult time. David, had an amazing way of welcoming his children’s friends into his life. I cherish the memories I have of him especially at Christmas time reunions.

    With Great Respect and Love,

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