Man Pleads Innocent To Bridgewater Crash Charges

March 28, 2012

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Joshua Ouimette, 25, pleaded innocent to two felony counts of grossly negligent operation of a vehicle with fatalities resulting in connection with a head-on crash on Route 4 near Blanche & Bill’s Pancake House over the noon hour on Sunday, January 15th. Vermont State Police Trooper Erik McNeice said that, even though a check of cell phones recovered from the wreckage found that neither driver was using one at the time of the collision, Ouimette was being charged because the investigation determined that he was going 65 in a 50 mph zone when he abruptly veered into the opposite lane. The impact killed the driver of the on-coming Ford Escape, Christopher Raleigh, 55, of Las Vegas, a graduate of the Vermont Law School in South Royalton, and it also killed Raleigh’s 10- year-old son Travis who was seated right behind his father on the driver’s side of the vehicle. McNeice said that the accident reconstruction team pulled microchips from the computer systems in both vehicles and found that neither driver applied their brakes in the seconds leading up to the collision, a sign perhaps of the split- second nature of the fatal mishap. 13-year-old James Raleigh was interviewed by troopers at the hospital and told investigators that both he and his brother, Travis, were both wearing their seatbelts and playing a video game together when the crash occurred.

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