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  1. Anon..

    Claire Walker,

    I’m pretty sure that what you said was not appropriate for what the main article is about. Alice Nitka was in the hospital and you bring up gun control laws… That’s not right…

  2. Dick Tracy

    drug dealers from CT are PRECISELY why Vermonters should be more well armed than ever. Now is no time to disarm law-abiding citizens.

  3. Claire Walker


    I am hopeful that Vermont will follow the example of the state of CT and pass strong gun control laws. I respect the rights of hunters and others to keep guns for hunting and protection, but I am concerned about the criminals getting their hands on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Too frequently, I have been reading about the arrests of drug dealers in the Rutland area or other parts of Vermont. Most of these criminals have been coming from out of state and could easily be carrying assault type weapons. We need to act to prevent a tragedy instead of waiting until a tragedy occurs before we act. I hope the Vermont legislature will act responsibly and pass strong gun control laws.

    Thank you. Claire Walker

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