Warning: Woodstock Village Meeting

March 6, 2012

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The citizens of the Village of Woodstock, who are legal voters in the Village of Woodstock, Vermont, County of Windsor, are hereby warned to meet at the Town Hall on the 20th day of March 2012, at 7:00 A.M., continuing until 7:00 P.M., for the purpose of transacting during that time, voting by Australian ballot.

The citizens of the Village of Woodstock, who are legal voters in the Village of Woodstock, County of Windsor, State of Vermont, are hereby warned to meet at the Woodstock Town Hall in said Village on the 20th day of March, 2012 at 7:30 P.M. to act upon the following articles.

ARTICLEI: ToelectVillageofficersfortheensuingyearasrequiredbylaw: Moderator 1 year term Clerk 1 year term Trustee 3 year term (Australian Ballot) Trustee 2 year term (Australian Ballot) Treasurer 1 year term Trustee of Public Funds 1 year term Auditors (2) 1 year term Fire Wardens (3) 1 year term ARTICLEII: ToreceiveandactuponthereportsoftheVillageofficers.

ARTICLEIII: TofixtheannualcompensationfortheelectedVillageofficers.

Moderator 50.00 per meeting Treasurer 1500.00 per year Clerk 400.00 per year Trustees 750.00 per year ARTICLEIV: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetocollecttheVillageGeneraltaxesonrealestateandall other taxes levied through the Treasurer under the provisions of Title 32 VSA, Chapter 133 and fix the date of payment as November 2, 2012 and May 3, 2013.

ARTICLEV: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoauthorizetheTreasurer,withtheapprovaloftheBoard of Trustees, to borrow money if necessary, in anticipation of taxes for FY 2012-2013 to defray current expenses and debt of the Village.

ARTICLEVI: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoappropriatethesumofFortyThousandDollars ($40,000) from undedicated surplus funds to be used for tax stabilization for FY 2012 2013.

ARTICLEVII: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoappropriatethesumofOneMillionThreeHundred Sixty Four Thousand Two Hundred Forty Dollars ($1.364,240) and raise by taxation the sum of Five Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Five Dollars ($533,465) to pay the current expenses and debts of the Village.

GeneralGovernment $ 113,060 Planning & Zoning 101,425 Village Highways Total) 389,050 Village Police 596,705 Insurance 48,000 Contingency 6,000 Capital Outlay 110,000

Total $1,364.240

ARTICLEVIII: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoraiseandappropriatethesumof$25,000.00for the purpose of hiring an engineer to study the proposed site of a new snow dump to determine if the parcel is suited for use as a snow dump without contamination of the surrounding fields or the Ottauquechee River.

ARTICLEIX: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoadd$100,000.00totheVillageBudgetwith$70,000.00 budgeted for winter sidewalk snow and ice removal and $30,000.00 budgeted for summer highway maintenance work.

ARTICLEX: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoadd$45,000.00totheVillagebudgetforthepurposeof entering into a contract for winter sidewalk snow and ice removal.

ARTICLEXI: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoadd$23,000.00awintersnowandiceremovalstipend of $100.00 to each abutter of a Village sidewalk and $300.00 to each abutter with a sidewalk longer than 200 feet. ARTICLEXII: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoleaveinplacetheWoodstockVillageOrdinancethat requires abutters of Village sidewalks to perform winter snow and ice removal on the portion of public sidewalks that abut their property.

ARTICLEXIII: We,theundersigned,aslegalvotersoftheVillageofWoodstockherebypetitionthe Trustees of said Village to place the following question to a floor vote on March 20, 2013 at Village Meeting. “Do you support Trustee repeal of Woodstock Village Ordinance 7402 a-d?” (By petition.) ARTICLEXIV: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoappropriatethesumofOneThousandFiveHundred Dollars ($1,500) from the Ethel S. Woods Fund for maintenance and improvements to Village sidewalks. ARTICLEXV: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoappropriatethesumofOneThousandFiveHundred Dollars ($1,500) from the Orley A. Whitcomb Fund, and to raise by taxation the additional sum of Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000) for the care and planting of trees.

ARTICLEXVI: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoappropriatethesumofOneThousandDollars($1,000) for the purpose of paying the Trustee of Public Funds for services rendered, and approve such expenditure from income of the trust fund.

ARTICLEXVII: ToseeiftheVillagewillvotetoappropriatethesumofOneThousandDollars($1,000) for the purpose of auditing the Public Trust Funds, and approve such expenditure from income of the trust fund. ARTICLE XVIII: To act on any other business that may legally come before the Village Meeting.

DatedatWoodstock,CountyofWindsor,StateofVermontthis dayofFebruary,2012 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Candace Coburn, Chair Patricia Compton Christopher Miller Eric Nesbitt Donald R. Wheeler Bob Pear Village Clerk


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