VIDEO: Sinclair Lewis’ Sugar House Moves to Dorothy Thompson Common

April 27, 2012

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Barnard Silver Lake Association/Sinclair Lewis Museum Committee spent the last two years fundraising in order to move a sugar house, thought to be a place where celebrated author Sinclair Lewis went to write, to the Dorothy Thompson Memorial Common next to the Barnard General Store, Dorothy Thompson was the wife of Lewis. The sugar house was located just above the Twin Farms, in Barnard.

The Sinclair Lewis Museum Committee very much hopes that those who desire will become Friends of the Sinclair Lewis Museum by donations. Checks should be made out to Barnard Silver Lake Association/Sinclair Lewis Museum Committee and mailed to Barnard Historical Society, P. O. Box 124, Barnard, Vermont 05031.

The following articles were printed in the Vermont Standard on this historic project.

Sinclair Lewis Museum Planned – Published November 3, 2011

Preserving Literary History: Sinclair Lewis At Twin Farms – Published November 22, 2011


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Joyce Lyng May 22, 2012 at 12:24 am

My name is Joyce Lyng — I wrote a comment to you above –
I live in Sauk Centre, Minnesota –the same town that Sinclair Lewis was born and raised to manhood — left Sauk Centre after high school graduation in 1902. Please contact me at
I know a lot about Harry Sinclair Lewis –I was a tour guide at his boyhood home for 16 yrs.
Phone # 320-352-2624 (home) or at the Sauk Centre Chamber of
Commerce — 320-352-5201 ask for Joyce

other websites: or

Joyce Lyng May 22, 2012 at 12:17 am

Dear Barbara Butler,
Barnard Silver Lake Assn. Barnard, Vermont

I just watched your video presentation about the “sugar house”. I liked your story about Harry Sinclair Lewis & his 2nd wife Dorothy Thompson.
I live in Sauk Centre – I was born in Sauk Centre, raised here & will continue to live in Sauk Centre as did Sinclair Lewis, born on Feb. 8, 1885. I’ve been a tour guide at his boyhood home for 16 yrs -now work at the Sinclair Lewis Museum, so far or 12 yrs. I invite you and your family and friends to visit Sauk Centre, MN sometime. For more information about Sinclair Lewis use this web site: or
My email address is: – subject line: Lewis Sugar House Vermont so when your message goes to my “junk” file I can retrive it from there. If I don’t have your email address in my address book –it goes to the “junk filter”. My phone number is 320-352-2624 (home) Sauk Centre Chamber/Museum 320-352-5201 –ask for Joyce. My address is: 750 Railroad Ave. # 123, Sauk Centre, MN 56378. He was the 1st American to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature for Main Street, Babbitt, Arrowsmith, Dodsworth & Elmer Gantry.

Joyce Lyng

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