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  1. Fran Rousseau ("Ducky")

    Annette and I had been friends for nearly 40 years, beginning with our summers at Camp Farnsworth. Still in shock. Miss her so much.

  2. Pam

    Wow. I had no idea. I am truly saddened by this news. Annette taught me so much. We traveled to Provence together and I had the good fortu e of attending several of her workshops in Vermont. She used to travel to NYC for me to cut her hair. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have had her in my life.Although we didnt speak often, I will miss her very very much. What a huge loss!.
    oh dear Annette, rest in peace.

  3. Meredith Tracy

    I was fortunate enough to be an intern with Annette. She was an amazing woman who gave so much to so many. I will miss her deeply.

  4. Susan A. Frost

    I will miss my friend Annette…..she gave me so much, and I am soooo grateful to have had her in my life. I am forever indebted to her and the wisdom she bestowed me. Annette, you are truly missed, by soooo many and you are so loved. xo

  5. judy

    wanted to read obit for annette compton but there is advertising over the site

  6. Lev Belford

    How sad to lose someone who gave so much to others.

  7. Sheryl Trainor

    I was just one of Annette’s many long-time students, and like many others she taught, I credit her for my second career as a working artist. What she gave to the many lives she touched is unmeasurable and unforgettable. Woodstock and the Upper Valley have lost one of their brightest lights.

  8. Sydney White

    May Annette rest in peace. At least she is no longer suffering. She gave much to Woodstock and much to many more. I will remember her at Curves. She would come in with Cyrus and we all would exercise. She was always friendly. Even though I live in Colchester now, I still will miss her and Cyrus around the area.

  9. Sid Straghan

    Her desire and ability to help her town, her friends and those in need will be remenbered.
    She is gone from us too soon.

  10. gail childs

    My dear friend will be greatly missed, rest in peace dearest Annette!

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