**Breaking News** Barnard Store’s Potential Buyers Quit, Community Seeks Solution

May 29, 2012

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The three Barnard businessmen who were at one point interested in purchasing the 180-year-old Barnard General Store, which closed for the first time ever May 8, have tossed in the towel.
Sources close to the property’s owner, who had leased the facility to its previous operators for 14 years, have revealed that the group interested in purchasing the land, building and store operation have decided not to pursue the matter further.
A meeting of concerned citizens will convene Thursday evening to develop plans for holding a community-wide meeting aimed at determining what options exist for restarting the popular store, which acted also as the principal gathering place for locals and visitors alike.
This month’s closing comes just as the busy and economically important season of welcoming visitors to the lake and Silver Lake Campground begins.


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