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  1. Geraldine Blain

    A reply to Theresa Jones’s insensitive comment about Ted having “Zero” to with the store. Although I agree with you that Carolyn and Kim Created an amazing hub for our community, I could not disagree more on your attitude towards Ted. We fell in love with Barnard because of the store, which Carolyn, Ted and their children were running at the time. We had never felt so welcomed in a public place and Ted will always hold a place in our hearts as a part of the General Store history. The DiCicco’s left work, school and family behind in MA, to follow a dream. If a community member wanted to validate Teds contribution to the store, then I’m glad that he’s being thought of and remembered. I will miss Carolyn and Kim, their kindness has brought so much to our community. But I would also like to thank Ted for following a dream… He too cast his stone into Silver Lake, the ripples will continue.

    follow a dream.

  2. Theresa Jones

    It’s amazing that people talk about things they have no idea about. To the old man and his wife outside the store, he said “Carolyn and her husband made the store what it is today” Carolyn’s husband had nothing to do with how the store is today, he got out a long time ago. It was Carolyn and Kim who put in all the hard work and had the vision of the cafe and make the store more of a community friendly center by all they do for Barnard. Ted had zero to do with any of it. Also, where were all these people you see in the video a few weeks ago? If the store were this busy year round they would have no problem keeping the doors open. Kudos to the regulars but where has everyone else been?

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