Letter to the Editor: Closing of BGS is a Wake-up Call

May 26, 2012

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Closing Of BGS Is A Wake-Up Call
To The Editor:

Thank you, Vermont Standard, for the excellent coverage of the tragic closing of General Store at the crossroads of Barnard. The Barnard General Store was a critical wayside rest to powered and self-powered bikers, hikers, snowmobilers, and car travelers; a focal point for picnics at Silver Lake; a watering hole and re-supply store for neighborhood residents, campers at Silver Lake State Park and passers by; a bandstand for the merry-makers at the annual street dance; and so much more. It was where friends meet to exchange news and ideas and where customers were matched to contractors and job seekers with jobs.

Owners Carolyn DiCicco and Kim Furlong promoted and practiced collective efforts to build locally based and self-reliant food economies with cheese, meat, eggs, vegetables, chocolates, preserves, music, toys, cutting boards, clothing and more from right in town or not so far away. They promoted the best of globalization with African baskets direct from the weaver to the customer with middleman profits shared on both ends. They inspired us to healthy living and good work, and made their store the centerpiece of the thriving tourist activity in Barnard and surrounding towns.

The closing is a wake-up call. We can translate our regret for not doing more for the Barnard General Store into a commitment to support other local businesses. Notch up your local patronage; redouble your commitment to local food, music and arts; and call on your friends and neighbors to do the same. Let’s keep the community we love and welcome new business ventures that keep Vermont such a wonderful place to live.

Stephen and Janet Andersen Barnard


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