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  1. Debbie

    Nancy became my penpal back in highschool. Over the years the letters became emails and texts. It was true, she never forgot a birthday! Nancy was one of the nicest and sweetest people I have known. We were lucky to meet about 4-5 years ago when she came to Lake Geneva, WI, for a wedding. It was evident how much she loved her family and pets. I’m so sorry for your lost.

  2. Lisa Smith

    Like many people I “met” Nancy through the Bob and Sheri Message board. She was there for me after my husband died very suddenly. she had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. She remembered everyone’s birthdays. I always loved seeing pictures of her flowers. Nancy was a kind soul. heaven has gained a new angel. RIP Angel, you will be missed!!

  3. Cherri McIntyre

    Nancy was such a sweetheart, I never met her in real life. But knew her for many years on the original Bob & Sheri message board. She always had something nice to say and I enjoyed receiving Birthday and Christmas cards from her every year. She will be missed, my condolences to her family and friends…..

  4. Melanie Beaulieu

    Nancy was the kindest, sweetest woman I have ever known. In a world full of dark uncertain twists, Nancy’s gentle spirit shone brighter than any. Though, I too, have never met Nancy in person, her loss is immense and she will be terribly missed by so many. I hope you find peace and comfort, Nancy. Rest in peace, dear friend.

  5. Linda Allen

    I only knew Nancy via an internet community. I can say she impacted everyone there with her sweet, genuine ways. She never forgot to wish anyone a happy birthday and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. I’m glad I knew Nancy; there aren’t many true souls like her in this world. Rest in peace with no pain, sweet girl.

  6. Mary Horst

    What a beautiful obituary for a beautiful person. Nancy was truly an angel on Earth and now she is an angel in Heaven.

  7. Cris Allen

    Nancy was the sort of person who radiated genuine affection. People who never met her in person read her life description like they saw her every day of their life. That’s how real Nancy was everywhere she went, online and in real life.

  8. Dawn McDonald

    Nancy had the most beautiful soul. I am so very saddened to know that she lost the battle but so glad her suffering is over. Go plant some flowers in Heaven & know you made a difference in mu life. I only knew you as a fellow message board member but you made me want to be a better person. Rest in Peace … OB loves you, Nance!

  9. Gayle Klink

    Only knowing someone thru a message board doesn’t make the loss any less. Nance always remembered birthdays with a kind word. She obviously made an impression on not only those that lived near her and knew her “in person”, but also on those of us far away. Dear family, please take comfort in knowing that your daughter/sister/loved one was very well thought of and that we are all saddened by this news.

  10. Kent Leonhardt

    Heaven became a nicer place with Nancy’s arrival. Although I only knew her through a radio show message board she was one of the most thoughtful, kind and generous people ever. She’s a wonderful example of a life well lived and she will be terribly missed.

  11. ann latham

    ….Nancy was an “imgainary” friend. I never met her in person. I met Nancy on a message board, Bob and Sheri, a radio station in Charlotte, NC. She was the most gentle and kind spirtied person I have ever known. I hate this!!!! God rest her beautiful soul. peace,ann

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