Senior Profile: Tracking Toward Success: Alexandra Beda

May 23, 2012

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By Alex Goudreau
Special To The Standard
Whether it’s running cross country or doing track and field, Woodstock Union High School Senior Alexandra Beda will be physically active when she starts attending Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania this fall.
“I’m going (to) run cross-country and track and field in college,” says Beda, who added that participating in sports helps her do better in school. “I notice that when I’m doing a sport, my grades tend to be at their best.” Beda is an honor roll student and a member of the National Honor Society.
“Our (cross country team) motto: suffer, sacrifice, and succeed is kind of the way I approach academics,” Beda emphasized.
While on the WUHS track and field team, Beda has participated in the 1500M run, 800M dash, 400M dash, 200M dash, quarter mile run, half mile run, and mile run. She normally does very well at her track and field meets, often winning smaller meets, and placing in the top six at larger meets that have more participants.
“I love to run,” Beda says of her chosen sport.
When Beda is not running around, she can sometimes be found singing. At Junior Jack Snyder’s January Elevate the Music Concert, Beda sang as a backup vocalist with fellow senior Sydney Jantos. The pair also sang at the Freelance Singers Concert before this year’s prom wearing their prom dresses. Many of their friends came in their prom attire to hear them before heading off to the evening’s festivities.
At WUHS Beda participated in or on: Student Council, track and field, cross country running, Nordic skiing, the National Honor Society, and the Vermont Teen Leadership Safety Program. “They keep my busy,” she explains about her extracurricular activities, adding “I lose motivation (for school) when I’m not busy.”
For the first semester of junior year, Beda studied in France as an exchange student at a public high school. “It was cool to see how academics were different in France from academics in the United States,” she says.
While studying in France, Beda visited: the French capital of Paris, a beach on the French coast, and various local outdoor festivals.
“I made a lot of really great friends there (in France),” Beda reflects. In France, she was able to participate on the school’s track and field team, which was a plus for her. “(My experience in France) really helped me develop as a student,” she says.
During her sophomore year, Beda had the experience of being taught by her own mother, Patti Beda, who is an English teacher at the school. About the above experience Beda said, “It was ok. It was a little weird.”
With her time at WUHS coming to a close and a new chapter of her life about to begin, Beda summarized her high school experience as, “A wild ride.” She says that she will miss, “The (local) community,” that she has loved being a part of but she looks forward to the new experiences she will discover in her college community.


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