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  1. Theresa Jones

    The video you have here doesn’t exactly capture what the store meant to the community or the love and hard work it went into running such a historical gathering place. I found this video someone had shared on VPR’s facebook site. It does a wonderful job capturing Carolyn and Kim, the Store and its community, take a look…

  2. Jaki Oakland

    We ditto everything that Diana Baldwin so beautifully said. We love and are so thankful to Kim and Carolyn for all the many hours they have spent adding to the sense of community of Barnard. Our mom, Priscilla Oakland, has so enjoyed the daily morning visits with all of the Barnard locals who come each morning for breakfast or coffee or just a chance to catch up with others in the community. Our family has loved coming to the BGS and being welcomed by all over the past 28 years on family vacations and visits. We are so hopeful this closing will be of short duration and reopen with the same love and sense of community that it has had in the past. Thank you to all who spoke in the video as well for your optimism.

  3. Diana Baldwin

    While our bodies are far away, our hearts are in Barnard and a significant part of that is BGS. It’s a very sad day to learn of the closing of the “home” where nearly everyone in town, along with surrounding towns, stop on a daily basis. There is nothing that comes close to the volume and depth of the warm memories of incomparable experiences we have had at The Barnard General Store. Carolyn and Kim created an atmosphere of welome and community connection for all who stopped in. We will be holding our breath until we learn that the store will transition into another set of nurturing hands.

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