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  1. Sherry rafferty

    My dogs were also playing with a bat. The bat has a hole in it’s wing and will soon die. I put it up high so the dogs can no longer reach it. I do not know what else to do. We have bats living in the roof and my husband counted 13.
    Thank you,
    Sherry rafferty

  2. Robin Butler

    Hi Alyssa, you were here last year. we had a colony of 128 bats both small browns and large brown bats, you communicated thru Sally Reed ( is exciting that bats have returned, we haven’t watched and gotten any counts yet but we will try tonight if the weather permitts Our neighbor has an injured little bat, their dog found it and was playing with it. i have a pictures of it that i took with my cell phone. i gave Tina and Ronnie Russ (our neighbors) your contact information. sorry they just informed me that it died. i am still going to send you the pictures in an email, i asked them not to dispose of its body yet in case you need it for any kind of testing.

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