**Breaking News* Agreement Made On Purchase Of Barnard General Store

June 1, 2012

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A framework for the purchase of the property of the Barnard General Store by a group of community members has been established after several meetings between key players and an agreement with owner Bill Twigg-Smith.

Twigg-Smith accepted the terms of a six-month option to purchase the property and has agreed on a sales price. During the six-month period, the community group would manage and operate the property as it wished.

Present at last night’s meeting was Paul Bruhn, president of the Preservation Trust of Vermont, who explained that the Trust currently holds $7500 contributed that’s been earmarked for Barnard that could be used toward the option price. Additionally, the Trust could contribute to the option price from its revolving fund. A Barnard resident who wishes to remain anonymous has offered the remaining amount, making it possible to reach the funds needed for the option to purchase.

The next steps will be negotiation through the Preservation Trust toward a signed-option purchase agreement and expansion of the Barnard Community Trust Board, which will be meeting to formalize its structure and purpose.

A public meeting will be held once there is a signed agreement.


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