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  1. Magnolia / CH

    Dear Brendan (Magoo),
    You have ben best friend of mine, long years ago…
    I loved Your smile, I loved Your heart I loved Your person cause You have ben always real and honest to me..
    As I get email from Your mom about Your death 2 weeks later I get shoked and I’m still……:( I so MISS You sweety…

    I miss Your emails, I miss your messages and I will MISS You forever…<3
    My condolences to all You family and to Your church friends in San Francisco and especially to Your loving mom Rosie..She was to You the grates mom of the earth..
    May Your spirit rest in peace .I will love You always and forever
    Untill we meet again..

    Your best friend Magnolia

    PS:Here is a song for You my sweet babe..
    (((One Love One heart…)))

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