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  1. kat

    You will find a page of the class of 1981 shots in this week’s paper.

  2. Monica DiCarolis

    Very disappointed that there was only one long distanced photo for the class of 1981 on the website and nothing in the paper. Our headline was The Royal Wedding with Diana and Prince Charles.We were begged to put together a float by the alumni association and even though it was just our 31st year we rallied as we have most years and came up with an original crowd pleasing float. Our car to pull the float broke down and we even pushed our float to the green and was saved by a fellow alumni and her tractor. How can all this not warrant some attention. We had two very special people on our float, Ken Darling’s Mom, Barbara, was the queen. A beautiful queen she was. I hope I see a photo of her in this coming week’s paper. And Monica Richardson’s niece, Molly Thompson and her friend and daughter of Monica’s classmate Ronnie Bryant were flower girls. The class of 1981 does an incredible job of coming together and working as quite a creative team even at the last minute and it is always a family affair.

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