Senior Profile: Alexa, Hannah and Caroline Krawczyk (Triplets)

June 6, 2012

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On Their Way To UVM
By Lauren Mayer
Special To The Standard
The Krawczyk triplets are finishing their senior year the same way they came into school — together.
Alexa, Hannah, and Caroline have shared their high school experience with many of the same classes and teachers and are all planning on spending their next four years together at the University of Vermont.
Even though they are going to the same school, they have diverse interests and are heading down three very different paths. Alexa is planning on studying business and accounting while Hannah is pre-med and Caroline is undecided.
Going to the same school was not their original plan. “We all looked at different schools and applied to different schools except for two and we all got into UVM,” says Alexa.
In high school, the Krawczyks shared many classes as well. In fact, for the most part they have all taken the same languages and math classes. As Alexa puts it, “If a teacher had one of us, then they had all of us.”
“Some teachers still have trouble telling us apart,” Caroline added.
The Krawczyk triplets have also had the unique opportunity of being part of something that has never happened before at Woodstock Union High School. They are not just a set of triplets, but rather one of two sets of triplets in the senior class.
In fact, these two sets of triplets are alphabetically right next to each other meaning that all six girls have spent the past six years with lockers and yearbook photos all in a row.
Alexa, Hannah, and Caroline are also all members of National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and Spanish Club. The three girls had a chance to practice their Spanish when they participated in the school’s Project Peru which is a two week long service trip where a group of students go to the Amazon and build clinics and schools for the people living there.
“We built a medical clinic and translated and even went fishing for piranhas,” says Hannah about the trip the three took together as a part of the 2011 team. The medical clinic that year was built in an area that was in desperate need of a clinic because the flooding of the area puts many people at risk of disease.
For all three Krawczyks, this trip was also important because it was their first time on an airplane and one of their first trips out of the country.
While they spend much of their time together in school, outside of the school day they have very different interests. All three are members of the track team but in the fall and winter they each take on a different sport. Hannah plays soccer and tried snowboarding for the first time this year and Caroline spent her fall season playing field hockey. Alexa also played two other sports with cross-country in the fall and hockey in the winter.
In a few weeks, they will be a group of not one but two sets of triplets who will be graduating in the class of 2012. As Alexa, Hannah and Caroline move onto the next chapter in their lives, they are looking forward to a future that is both shared and diverse.

First published in the June 7, 2012 edition of the Vermont Standard.


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