Senior Profile: Anna Sand: Volunteering As A Way Of Life

June 13, 2012

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By Victoria Rushford
Special To The Standard
Even though she said she never set concrete goals for herself, Woodstock Union High School (WUHS) senior Anna Sand knows how to put her best foot forward volunteering with Change The World Kids (CTWK) and using her French and photography skills throughout her high school career.
Sand first showed interest in photography in high school. “I got interested (in photography) around freshman and sophomore year by messing around with the family camera and became more interested in it.” She entered a few photography contests where she placed, but didn’t win. However, she has had some of her photos published in the Quechee Times and the CTWK’s magazine “Regeneration”. “She was even paid for the photos in the Quechee Times.
Having completed every French class in high school, Sand has taken an independent study of French her senior year. She and fellow senior Rachel Allen traveled to France with other French students for the two-week stay in April, where they sold all of the Vermont maple syrup that they brought along with them, and even taught a couple of English classes to the students at Saint Gaudens. They got to meet new people and were able to do their own thing most of the time there. Sand says that there were definite cultural differences between the two schools. “(One) main thing was the cigarette smoking. It was odd to see the teachers smoke during their lunch break.” They found that the school in France is much more strict. However, they did enjoy the different variety of food in the cafeteria, including duck!
Sand also wants to continue with French as she heads off to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. She even hopes to study abroad in a French-speaking country in Africa. “I really want to study abroad-not in France, but Africa. (I’m) thinking about going to Ghana to live there to experience the culture,” she says.
Volunteerism is also an important part of her life. Sand joined CTWK the summer prior to her freshman year of high school. “I got to learn how fun it is and I got to learn new skills like: writing in a journalistic style, taking photos, doing carpentry, and gardening. I plan to use these skills outside of school,” she emphasizes adding that CTWK has helped her with her photography and people skills as well.
Sand has also been in other school activities, playing soccer and hockey throughout high school. “Sports here are at a ‘relaxed level’, where in college, it’s much more work,” she says.
Sand says her WUHS education has helped her preparation for college. She is graduating in the top ten-percent, even though she did not set that as a concrete goal. “(The) courses (at WUHS) are interesting and inspiring for college,” she states. Sand is not sure what she wants to major in at Skidmore, but her main interests are writing, English in general, and photography.
The many useful skills and activities that she has been involved with during high school have prepared Sand well for whatever the future has in store.


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