Senior Profile: Annie, Molly and Jennifer Koch (Triplets)

June 6, 2012

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Three’s A Bit of A Crowd
By Lauren Mayer
Special To The Standard
Making the change from triplet to singlet has been in the works for the three Koch girls, Annie, Jenny, and Molly since they first entered Woodstock Union Middle School in seventh grade from Sherburne Elementary School.
Now, as Seniors, they are all involved in different clubs and sports with numerous interests. In fact, plans for college and beyond are sending them to three separate states.
Annie, who is the oldest by one minute, is going to University of New Hampshire. She is planning on studying psychology and after that is planning to attend two more years of school for art therapy. Her interests in psychology and therapy have come from her work in SOS, a student to student peer counseling service. “I joined SOS and I was the youngest. It helped me realize my affinity for psychology and being myself,” she says.
Annie is also the “jock” of the family. “In sophomore year I decided to play field hockey and I loved it. After that I started ice hockey and lacrosse and I played everything all three years except for lacrosse which I didn’t do this year.”
Jenny is a class officer, top ten percenter and active member of language societies who is hoping to take her interest in linguistics to the next level. “I’m going to UMass Amherst because I would like to study a foreign language and become multilingual and do a translation job after college.”
Molly, the youngest by three minutes, is going to UVM next fall. “I haven’t really decided [what I’m studying] but that’s just because I have so many different interests. I’m interested in Environmental Science, Journalism and Nutrition and I like UVM because it has all three.”
Jenny and Molly have also been dancing since they were four years old and have done every style from tap and jazz to hip hop and lyrical. In fact, they both participated in a very special surprise for their teacher at Ms. Jackie’s School of Dance. “Our teacher had a birthday so two weeks ahead our classmate came up with a flash mob routine. We got everyone together on the weekends without the teachers knowing and prepared it all, it was about twenty-five kids in all. We went to Applebee’s and when our teacher showed up we started our flash mob and she flipped out, she was so surprised,” Jenny says.
“It was amazing. It’s one more thing checked off my bucket list,” Molly added.
These separate interests have helped the three Koch triplets have great experiences and develop their own identities as more than just one of two sets of triplets in their senior class.
“We developed ourselves without trying to be different — like my participation in Earthbeat and Project Peru. Also, journalism was a big part of me making a name for myself and defining myself,” said Molly, who is now editor and in her sixth semester of writing for The Buzz.
The Koch girls are headed off to college in a few short months and are looking forward to learning new things on their separate paths as they make the transition from the Koch triplets to the Koch singlets of Annie, Jenny and Molly.

This article first appeared in the June 7, 2012 edition of the Vermont Standard.


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Molly Koch June 7, 2012 at 4:35 pm

You have become such a great writer and I’m so glad you got to interview us for your article! It turned out really well! My family is very happy with it too, and a lot of people are already coming up to me and talking about it. You did a really wonderful job, and I’m really proud of you for taking on the position of editor for the Buzz next year! I can’t wait to read more of your articles in the future.
Good luck!

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