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  1. Richard J Kaplan

    It’s a tourist attraction and brings $$$ to Hartford/Quechee. Even the reconstruction will bring people to watch. Can’t tell you how often I have seen people stopping by to take pictures of it.

    When done, it will be another story in the history of the town for people to come a see, and should be documented to take advantage of it. It’s strange that disasters can be tourist attractions, like Mt. St. Helens (never heard of it till it blew).

  2. Deborah Snyder

    All structures made by man were new once. It is the intention which matters to try to create something of “beauty” that blends in with the New England atmosphere. That they “care” enough to try and emulate what our ancestors created is enough for me. I hope to get to the area for a vacation this year as the one I had scheduled last year the end of August never, of course, happen…
    Suggest to all they discover Eric Sloane’s books of early America and what American’s created…

  3. Kris Hansen

    Historic bridge!?!??! It’s a FAKE covered bridge! Just blow the stupid thing up, and rebuild another FAKE covered bridge!

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