**Breaking News** Kitchen Fire At Bentley’s In Woodstock

July 4, 2012

in Woodstock

A fire that originated in the kitchen of Bentley’s Restaurant in downtown Woodstock yesterday evening was contained after Woodstock Fire Chief Butch Sutherland and crew responded to what is suspected to have been a grease fire.
“It was clearly a grease fire in the cooking aisle…I haven’t talked to anyone who was working back there yet, so I cant tell you the exact circumstances,” Sutherland said Wednesday.
The fire, which started just after 6 p.m., forced patrons to evacuate the building while firefighters worked to douse the wall between the kitchen and main dining room.
Before the crew’s arrival, a foam fire suppression system was automatically activated.
The restaurant will remain closed until further notice. Owners say there is a possibility that part of the establishment will be open for the weekend, but they won’t know for certain until later today.


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