Silver Lake Day, Street Dance To Be Combined Event This Year On Aug. 12

July 12, 2012

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Silver Lake Day, Street Dance To Be Combined Event This Year On Aug. 12
by Chloe Powell, Barnard News
It truly feels like summer now that we can sit on the porch of the General Store and catch up with the locals, find out what’s going on around town, and admire the still beauty of our lake while we enjoy our morning coffee. The BGS has been reopened for just over a week now every morning from 7-10 a.m., for coffee and baked goods.

In its current state, the BGS is run by volunteers, with low overhead thanks to a generous donation from delicious Vermont Coffee Company. This has been working for the time being as an ongoing bake sale, however the future of the store is dependent on a future business with a strong business plan.

As a nonprofit, the Barnard Community trust is unable to run a for-profit business, and licensing and inspection need to be in place before they can sell anything.

According to Rick Carbin, getting the ice cream window going again is a short-term priority and the legalities are being worked out.

The Community Trust is taking input from the community, and accepting business proposals, which will be reviewed by the board, as well as by outside successful business professionals who will be giving pro-bono consulting.

I look forward to hearing what people say at our community-wide meeting on Monday. Everyone is encouraged to join the trust, which gives you a vote in annual meetings. To join, visit the BGS during open hours, or visit the website friendsofbgs. com.

Fundraising has begun, and within just a week of opening for coffee and baked goods, they raised $3,000 in donations. A challenge matching grant of $5,000 was given by an anonymous donor, and with the “sales” from the morning café combined with another $2,000 anonymous donation, this was reached, bringing the total to $30,000 including the $20,000 that was reached towards the option to buy.

Rick Carbin ambitiously challenges the community to help them reach this week’s fundraising goal of $25,000. All donations, large and small are important and are an investment in the future of our town. A group met on Saturday representing various town organizations, including the Barnard Community Trust, the Silver Lake Association, The Historical Society, and BarnArts, to discuss combining the Silver Lake Associations Annual Silver Lake Day, with the Annual Street Dance, formerly put on by the BGS as a fundraiser for the BCT towards the purchase of the building.

A date of Sunday, Aug. 12 was settled upon for the event. Anyone interested in getting involved in planning this fundraiser, contact Hope Moffat at A meeting will be held to discuss plans on Friday evening at 5 p.m. outside the store.

The Volunteer Fire Department wishes to thank everyone who came out to support the annual tag sale and barbeque.

Saturday morning, the crowds were waiting at the gates for the ten o’clock opening to score the best tag sale items inside and outside the Town Hall.

The Firemen do the people of Barnard a great favor by picking up unwanted yet useful things and allowing people to find new homes for them at great prices.

Not only that, but the fire department makes money to support the purchasing of new equipment and cover operating costs.

This year, they purchased a Polaris Ranger Forestry skid unit with the ability to reach homes off the beaten path. Mike Manning reports that this was a good year, bringing in somewhere between $10,000$11,000.

If you were unable to make it, but wish to contribute to this important organization, checks can be sent to the Fire Department at PO Box 146. Thanks to the Firemen for their good work, and to all who worked to put on this event.

We have had troubling news on the wildlife front. The bear population seems to be exploding these days. Visits from bears to our trashbags, and compost piles are not unexpected, however when bears developed a taste for people’s chickens, there was cause for concern. Chickens were killed at the Silva, and Ferrence households. Fish and Game was contacted, and apparently the guilty bear has been dealt with, but keep an eye out.

This Sunday, a beautiful concert was held at the Unitarian Church, featuring classical guitarist Peter Griggs of NY. He spoke of the origins of the guitar, and played pieces spanning the known history of the guitar. The Unitarian Church has been welcoming artistic acts from different genres, as well as people of different perspectives and traditions. This coming Sunday, Rabbi Jan Salzman has been invited to give the 10:30 a.m. service with music director Sarah Saul.

Fable Farm, named for the power of stories, has a mission of fusing art and agriculture. This is their fifth summer in Barnard, and the farm has been attracting young artists and musicians since the Piana brothers settled here.

In exchange for helping out on the farm, Fable Farm offers seasonal helpers a place to live for the summer, and the time and space to pursue their own interests and develop their talents.

Actor and filmmaker Andrew White, moved to Barnard last year and he has brought in professional actress Emily Fleischer most recently from Brooklyn, to put on a production of Sea Marks by Gardner Mckay in August and September.

For $25 a ticket, guests will enjoy a play and a free meal grown on the farm by both the actors. They have begun a fundraising campaign to pre-purchase tickets to raise money to cover the upfront costs of the play, including building a modular stage. Check out the link to their amusing video over kickstarter, at

Registration is still open for BarnArts Production of Oliver, ( which begins practicing next week, and Camp Red Clover’s August sessions. For more information, email

If you have information to share or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me. 802 999 3391, or

Barnard News
Chloe Powell 802-999-3391


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