Police: Serious Injury In Road Rage Accident

August 24, 2012

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By Eric Francis

QUECHEE – Police are weighing charges for an apparent road rage incident that ended with a pickup truck rolling over a man in front of the Pizza Chef on Route 4 near the Quechee Gorge just before noon on Friday.

Scott Starrett, 20, of Hartford, was still being treated for what were believed to be serious injuries in the emergency room at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Friday afternoon where officers were trying to find an opportunity to get his side of the incident.

Police said that Starrett had been heading westbound on Route 4 toward the Gorge when he rear-ended a small gray car in front of him that was being driven by 23-year-old Ethan Gallo of Hartford. Moments after the impact, Starrett apparently started to back his truck up and Gallo, thinking Starrett was possibly about to leave the scene of the accident, jumped out of his car and ran back to the pickup, according to witnesses.

“The guy in front (Gallo) was all jacked up because he had his newborn baby in the car with him and he thought the other guy was fleeing and he ripped (Starrett) out from behind the wheel of his pickup truck,” Hartford Police Lt. Brad Vail explained.  At that point the pickup truck was still in gear and was continuing to drive backwards.  “(Starrett) went to try and jump back into it and got run over,” Vail said.
Police were still sorting through reports from multiple witnesses so it was unclear how much of an altercation transpired between when Gallo pulled Starrett out of his vehicle and he was run down by it but at least one 911 caller reported a “fight in progress” before police arrived at the scene.

As he lay on the pavement, Starrett’s empty pickup truck drove backwards in an arc and ended up in the parking lot of Pizza Chef where it knocked down some signs before coming to a stop.

Lt. Vail said police still “have to piece the whole thing together,” but he said it was possible that Gallo would end up facing some criminal charges.

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Paul August 28, 2012 at 12:39 pm

He had an infant in the car and then, WITH THE INFANT STILL IN THE CAR purposly rammed back in to the car, then got out and assaulted someone. You seriously think he shouldn’t be charged?? Someone serious anger management issues if they can’t even get into an accident without a fight breaking out.

PJ August 26, 2012 at 3:49 pm

I really hope Mr Gallo is not charged. Seriously….., he had a infant in the car AND look at that damage! Anything that happened after that point in time was a direct result of Mr Starett’s terrible driving choices that created the accident in the first place. Mr Starett needs to be glad that there was no spark to ignite the fuel tank. He would be facing much more if that had happened then being bruised up by his own truck. It’s really sad all the way around.

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