Emergency and Non-Emergency Contacts For All Towns

October 29, 2012

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In case of an emergency: 911
If there is damage to your home, if you see road damage, or if you need any resources: contact your town.
For shelter information, evacuation information, and other disaster resources: 2-1-1
Road Closures: 5-1-1 or www.511vt.com <http://www.511vt.com>
If you see a downed power line: contact Green Mountain Power at (800) 649-2877.
Town Garage  (802) 234-6961
Town office  (802) 234-9211
Tom Morse, Selectman  (802) 234-5256
Lance Webster, Roads Foreman  (802) 234-9391

VSP Bethel Barracks: 802-457-1416
Bridgewater Town Offices will be open if people need shelter.
211 is for non- emergency information
Police dispatch: 457-1416
Town Office overnight 426-2119
Windsor Emergency Operations Center 674-9043
Fire Department 436-2717
In the case of a significant emergency and loss of power, Killington will open Killington Elementary School as the Emergency Shelter.
Fire department: 422-FIRE
If power is out, call fire department or the town at 422-3030.
This is the time to make sure you have fuel for the generator, prescriptions filled, and enough food and water to support yourself for at least three days.
If anyone needs special assistance please call Al Poirier (228-3308) or send an email arpcolby@yahoo.com.
Town Hall: 457-3861
Town Garage: 457-2767
Teago Fire Department Chief Kevin Rice:457-2364
Fire Department 484-3473, Town garage 484-5122, emergency manager, 802-296-1124
Here are the emergency numbers for West Windsor: Emergency Manager (484-3316), Fire Station (484-3316), Town Hall (484-7212).

Police: (non emergencies) (802) 295-9425
Fire Dept: Hartford Fire Department at (802) 295-3232.

Non-emergency assistance: 457-2337 or 457-2323
Police: 457-1420
Town’s Twitter feed at woodstockvtgov
Town’s web site: townofwoodstock.org




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