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  1. Eric Melby

    Oh, and Chief Robbie, stop calling them “assault weapons”. They are rifles. Are your officers planning on assaulting an enemy base? Calling them assault weapons just feeds the irrational fear some people have of these types of weapons. Are your officers’ handguns called “assault pistols’?

  2. Eric Melby

    This is really a non-issue. The Woodstock Police are already armed with one type of weapon appropriate for close-range encounters. Having access to a rifle simply enables them to also respond to encounters at longer ranges, as well as giving them stopping power against opponents wearing body armor. As long as there is a sound policy and training program in place, I don’t see why equipping police with this important tool is at all controversial.

  3. Briana DeGruttola

    Arming Woodstock’s Police Department is not just a good idea, it is a proactive one. While we all hope and pray they NEVER have to use these weapons, it is paramount to safety not to be under-equipped in terms of fire-power, if a situation should occur where the bad-guy has a bigger weapon. These weapons will ultimately keep Woodstock Police safe.

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