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  1. Mark Bennett

    I found this article via a web search as I just happened to be thinking about my beloved senior English teacher at “The Academy,” San Marcos Baptist Academy. It’s been almost forty years since I graduated from there and I have never forgotten this most remarkable and beautiful woman. I wish I could have known her better and been able to share some of her life outside the Academy. What a blessed woman and her family. I’ll see you on the other side one day!

  2. Chuck Roper

    Mrs. Denham (always Yelvington to me) inspired me to become a writer via Senior English at San Marcos Baptist Academy. We kept up for some years after I graduated in 1964. I last spoke with her in about 2001 when she resided in Wimberly, Texas. I dedicated my novel “High Bottom Drunk” to her in 2001. I loved Mrs. Yelvinton dearly, as did everyone at SMBA. I will always be grateful to her. She was my mentor and my friend.

  3. Joe Davis

    Mrs Yelvington saved my life in the 11th grade (1969) at SMA. She also healed by blindness to literature. A few years back I found an old copy of “The Roaring Klienschmidts”. I wept for 3 days reading the stories. I wept because I missed your mother, I wept because I missed your father, I wept because I did not seen any like them coming down the pipe any where. I now live just a few miles past west of the Devils Backbone and my wife is an ESL Prof at Texas State. I often go by the old SMA campus and see where I learned about English and life.

    Joe Davis Class of 1970 San Marcos Academy

  4. Patricia Boatright

    Over the many years since San Marcos Academy, your Mother has entered into many conversations concerning my Academy years. She has always been remembered as one the most outstanding educators I have ever been blessed to know. She taught, but more importantly, inspired her students in their studies. Mrs. Yelvington, as I knew her, was absolutely top notch! Favorite memory…as she was trying to convey the true meaning of ‘expanding emotion’, she jumped on her desk and crowed like a chicken!—-just as the principal walked by our class door!!! God Bless you, Mrs. Yelvington! You’re crowing with the angels now!

  5. Laura Click Corridan

    Mrs. Yelvington was, without a doubt, the most wonderful, interesting, fascinating, gracious teacher I ever had. I say without qualification that I learned more about English, life and the world from her than I learned from any other teacher I ever had. I had many wonderful teachers in my 3 1/2 years at SMA, but Mrs. Yelvington is the one I will always remember, a true teacher in every sense of the word.

  6. Judy Lee Gardiner

    What a beautiful tribute to my favorite English teacher at SMBA. She was everything you said and more. You are so lucky to have had her for so many wonderful years. Thank you for sharing this with the Academy so that it could be passed on to each of us.

  7. Sheryl Phelps

    Harriet, Chuck and the entire Worrell Family,

    I remember when I first met Louise. She could only be described as an elegant lady and my impression of her never changed. I have never met a nicer person than she was. Bridgewater and all of those who came to know her will certainly miss her and remember her for her friendliness and class.

  8. Kathy Lincoln

    Thank you for sharing this beautifully written history of her life. I was in her English class at SMBA and she always made us feel accepted and good about ourselves.

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