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  1. Susan Pelley

    Congratulations Coach Mac. Enjoy your retirement. You sure earned it!

  2. John Heino

    Coach Mac has had a huge impact on the entire learning community in Woodstock as well as the sports programs. I will always be grateful for having the privilege of playing football for Coach Mac. He instilled strong values into many, wether they knew it or not. He has always led by example and his dedication, commitment and caring for kids is unmatched. Coach you will be missed. Good luck to you in retirement, and thank you.

  3. Ellyn Robbins Cole

    Oops…that should have said “mold” my son…not “mole” my son..and it was 6 years, not 7! Senior moments!

  4. Ellyn Robbins Cole

    Watching my son as QB under Coach Mac’s tutilege for 7 years were the best years of my life…cooking breakfast for the team, decorating the fence with Harriet, singing “Our Boys Will Shine Tonight” and screaming “Fire It Up!” were magical moments.

    I wish Jim and his family many, many magical moments in the future. Having retired 18 months ago, I can attest to how good it is…never enough time to do all the things one wants to, but knowing one can sit back and relax at any given moment is the best!

    Thanks, Jim, for helping to mole my son into the man he is today!
    You will be missed.

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