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  1. Joanne Boyle

    Regarding your endorsement of Wendy Wilton for State Treasurer, have you seen her quote, “Technically she’s able to invest the states money adequately and I don’t see where I’m going to do any worse of a job or a better job maybe then she is on those things.” -Wendy Wilton
    Or this one? “Her opponent says that when it comes to doing the actual work that a treasurer does, Beth is doing well. Wendy’s problem, we can speculate then, is that Beth hasn’t done a god job at doing what treasurer’s do not do: setting a political agenda.” -Ryan Emerson.
    Wendy Wilton doesn’t know the job, doesn’t have the support of the people she would work with nor does she have the basic ethical standards that would prevent a candidate from telling untruths and later redacting them after the harm was done. Beth may not be a savvy campaigner, but she is a ‘numbers person’ who will do her job well, as she has done for the last two years since appointed, save Vermonters MILLIONS of dollars, keep our bond rate at 3 stars or above and work in the interest of ALL Vermonters. SHE should have been endorsed by the Standard, but in the interest of appearing non-partisan, you made a BIG mistake.
    And by the way, Vince Illuzzi is NOT an ‘incumbent’ but you were right in saying he “wants to move up from being a longtime country senator” because this effort to become Auditor is merely a stepping stone to higher office. Why not endorse the man who really wants the job, Doug Hoffer? Come on VT Standard, you can do better than this!

  2. Jeter

    The reason that you aren’t endorsing Beth Pearce is because she has never run for office? What about 35 years of experience?

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