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  1. Delle Morse

    Small towns of VT have an obligation to post voting times per town in sufficient places to ensure ALL voters in the town know; and what their options are if they cannot meet those times. Opening polls at 10am and closing at 7:30pm does NOT allow sufficient time. Posting voting times at the post office, if I don’t have a box; posting at the General store, if I choose not to spend my money on overpriced items; and posting at the town hall, where I never, outside of voting, have a need to go, is NOT sufficient. Why not post it in the VT Standard? or send a friendly reminder in the mail? or have an auto calling system? Yes, we are a small town (as I was reminded) and if so, it can’t cost that much to get the information to ALL of the 860 people in it. Where else can one vote, if they can’t make it? When is the absentee cut-off? I’m sure information sources such as yourself would not mind listing the towns and their voting places and times the week before and of. I’m also sure that posting times and places at the only school in town would reach at least 120 voters or so that certainly have extraordinarily busy schedules with work, school, extracurricular activities, kids, their extracurricular activities, etc. My point is…voting is important and the towns have an obligation to make sure that voting is accessible to ALL tax payers in the town. I concede that one can take extra time and effort to find out the information on their own and in a timely fashion, but if voting is the core of democracy then every avenue to make sure those who choose to participate should be exhausted!

  2. USMJP

    U.S. Marijuana Party on Vermont ballot!!!
    Please tell your friends in Vermont
    to Vote for Cris Ericson,
    United States Marijuana Party
    Thank you!

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