Police: Winter Parking Ban Reminder

November 14, 2012

in News,Woodstock

The Village of Woodstock Police Department wants to warn residents and tourists that all vehicles parked near the Green between midnight and 6 a.m. are subject to ticket and towing.
Parking is permitted on the north side of North Park Street on even days and odd days on the south side (against the Green on railing side) of North Park Street. When parking your vehicle on the Green in the designated parking area, it should be taken into consideration that you are parking it for the following day. Example: At 8 p.m. on an even day of the month you park your vehicle on the north side of North Park Street. At midnight it becomes an odd day and your vehicle would be in violation. Additional overnight parking is available seven days a week in the furthermost western section of the Mechanic Street parking lot where indicated.
Only allowed exceptions as noted: The only exception to this ordinance is that there shall be “alternate parking on the North Park Street from Mountain Avenue to the end of the Green.”
If for some reason you cannot comply and your vehicle is towed, the cost of towing and any subsequent storage charges shall be the liability of the owner. Also, neither the Village of Woodstock nor the wrecker service will be held responsible for damages to your vehicle as a result of being towed.
Remember, if you park your vehicle on Wednesday, Nov. 14 after midnight, your vehicle will be in violation of this ordinance and thus will be towed.


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