Local Response To Shooting In Newtown, Conn.

December 14, 2012

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As of 6 p.m., major news outlets around the nation are reporting that at least 20 schoolchildren and seven adults, including the shooter, died in a shooting today in the town of Newtown, Connecticut.
Governor Peter Shumlin issued a statement this afternoon, saying in part that he was “shocked and sickened to hear about this morning’s tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.”
“My office has spoken with Vermont State Police and the Vermont Principals Association, who report that principals and staff are especially vigilant in the aftermath of this morning’s tragedy,” Shumlin said.
Per Presidential order, all U.S. flags, Vermont state flags, P.O.W. flags and other flags near state buildings will be lowered at half-staff until Tuesday at sunset.
Woodstock Elementary School’s Principal, Karen White, sent an email to parents early in the afternoon today, saying, “You may have heard about a tragic school shooting that took place in a New England school today. It is so sad to see that these precious lives have been lost and it breaks my heart. We take safety very seriously here at WES and this events serves as a reminder as to why this is so important.”
“Below is information that may be helpful to you as you think about how to discuss the shooting with your children. My main advice is to limit the exposure your child has to news reports and adult conversations. Please feel free to contact Erin Klocek our school counselor or any other trusted person here at school if you would like to talk or talk about your child.”
The letter went on to detail strategies for discussing crises with young children.
President Obama addressed the nation earlier today, saying “we have endured too many of these tragedies.”


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