Hartford Looks At Curbside Recycling Costs

January 14, 2013

in News,Quechee

At a recent selectboard meeing, Hartford residents and town officials mulled the idea of cutting the town’s curbside recycling program, which costs the town $150,00 annually, to help pay for the health care premiums for town employee, which is expected to add $248,000 to next year’s tax bill.
A survey was created to find out if part-time residents of Quechee Lakes were contributing to the estimated 45 to 55 percent participation rate.
In the town-wide survey, 59.3 percent of those polled said they’d prefer to keep the program and let taxes go up. another 41.4 percent responded that they’d like to “Look into broadening the program into a single no-sort trash and recycling program that might be more expensive but would eliminate separate bills for trash pickup.” Fifteen percent of those polled said they’d kill the recycling program.
Selectman F.X. Flynn said that the town-wide poll results were reflected in the responses of Quechee Lakes residents.


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