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PHOTOS: Vermont Flurry Back On

February 13, 2013

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The Vermont Flurry snow sculpture contest will take place after all.
The event, organized by Pentangle Council for the Arts and ArtisTree and set for Feb. 15-16, was previously canceled for a lack of snow, but after the weekend’s storm, organizers decided to go ahead with a smaller version of the Flurry.
Along with the Flurry, an art exhibit will be held at the Library, Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

A finished block of snow. The block will be transformed into a sculpture this weekend.
Arjan Van Der Schoot, left, and Ira White move a section of the wood paneling used to form the snow blocks.
From left, Van Der Schoot, snow sculptor and ArtisTree’s Adrian Tans and White stomp on top of a block to pack snow in.
Tans removes a pin that holds the panels together.
Van Der Schoot, White and Chippers volunteer Dan Gibson watch Tans remove another pin.
Van Der Schoot looks down into the box to see how much snow has been loaded.
Tans, barely visibile in the box, stamps down on snow to pack it in.
Tans scoops out dirty snow, while Van Der Schoot packs the snow with his feet. On the ladder, friend Phil Marks of Woodstock, looks into the box. Marks showed up after work to help the project.
White smiles as the group stomps on snow.
A Chippers tractor loads snow into the block.
Tans tries to exit the block before snow is loaded in.
Gibson drives a load of snow from the green to the snow block.
Van Der Schoot jumps on the block.
Van Der Schoot jumps on the block. (Tony Marquis Photos)


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