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  1. Jon

    So Eric, Maybe next time re-word your thoughts so it’s not against “us”. Maybe make it towards the people who make the laws, we only enforce them. Your comment was way out of line for someone who supposedly worked for 20 years in law enforcement……

  2. Eric

    Jon – I have contacted my reps as I do believe that “normal” citizens should have access to the same tools. Law enforcement officers aren’t some magical creature. And it doesn’t matter on it’s face what color the vest is, my comment refers to the ongoing militarization of law enforcement, particularly the use of tactical units to conduct no-knock warrants for marijuana. It was a snarky comment with a deeper context.

    Charles – I spent 20 years as a police officer in a large city so yes, I do support law enforcement and no, they shouldn’t have to buy their own gear. I don’t actually care what color the vest is…. well, see my comment to Jon for more detail. It was a commentary on the deepening void between citizen and law enforcement.

    My comment was simply to point out, within the context of the continuing attempts by the legislature to disarm the citizenry, that law enforcement officers find tools like suppressors useful because they are useful, not because they serve some mystical “law enforcement only” function, and that they should not be restricted from use by citizens.

  3. Charles

    Well Eric great to see that you are supportive of these two officers coming in on their day off to practice protecting our kids. Perhaps Vermont shouldn’t be operating under the premise that officers have to buy their own gear. If communities funded their budgets properly, then all the officers could all have nice matching black outfits for you to comment on.

  4. Jon

    Really Eric?! Yes we in law enforcement are allowed to have certain weapons and weapon equipment that a normal citizen can’t…that is federal and state law. If you don’t like it, then get in touch with your rep to get this changed. It’s not our fault as officers that the law is what it is. Your state reps and congress are the ones that pass the laws, again not us (ie. law enforcement). Also, the tan vest cover…does it really matter what color it is???? You’re trying to start trouble over nothing.

  5. Eric

    Nice suppressor, Mike. I’m so happy to see local law enforcement operating under the premise of “suppressors for me, but not for thee”. And coyote tan? What are you in Afghanistan?

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