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  1. Brenda Blakeman-First Impressions Salon

    Mr. Hardiman &Ann–it was a sad day when we learned of Mrs . Hardimans passing, our hearts go out to you. She is a wonderful women. We always treasured spring and the arrival of the Hardiman’s to Woodstock. For over 20 years Mrs Hardiman was a part of our Thursday schedule, as her and Barbra Kaufman had lots to catch up on, Skidmore college , the events of the winter, the events of the children, and grandchildren, and Barbra, when can we do lunch? Mrs.Hardiman and Barbra have their own dryer chairs , This was more than getting her hair done, it was a gathering place to reunite with friend of Woodstock. She was a part of the salon and our community! Mrs Hardiman was so very excited when we moved to a new location–no more stairs, Yea! First Impressions proudly displays 2 of Mrs. Hardiman’s water colors, every time i look at them i smile and remember the imprint she has left on First Impressions and our community, she will be sadley missed, but grealtey admired!!!!Brenda Blakeman–First Impressions Salon

  2. Marcy Cassady

    Dear Charles and Anne:
    I’m a bit behind in my reading here in Woodstock and just learned of your loss this evening though I fondly remember our times together with my parents, Tom & Connie (as well as Exeter, Anne). I still enjoy my “Twelve Days of Christmas” tape and happily remember the laughs we shared. While Connie & Tom’s home sold last April, I’m still returning (@ Shire) first half of March & September….
    Thoughts and prayers,
    Marcy Cassady

  3. Dave & Diane Doubleday

    It was a pleasure for me to know Prscilla and to work for her and Charles on their home on Mt. Avenue. She was very kind to me and my workers. We have a beautiful watercolor she painted and I will always think of her when I look at it.

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