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  1. kat

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  2. Lieutenant Frederick Georges

    Firefighter Wood,

    I am sad to know you have been injured in the line of duty but grateful you are not among this years LODD’s. I pray you have a speedy recovery.
    Lieutenant Frederick Georges
    N.S.V.F.A./Orleans Nebraska Fire and Rescue-Retired

  3. Louise

    Glad to know everyone will be o.k. Mark Kirko take good care of those firefighters…you know you are all special to me!

  4. lisa

    So proud of your strength and courage Molly!!! Love you and get well soon! Call me when can.

  5. Eric

    I’m glad Molly Wood is going to be okay. I am grateful there are brave people like these firefighters who place themselves in danger to help the rest of us. I don’t know you, Molly Wood, but thank you for what you do!

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