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  1. n2healing

    Please tell me this isn’t so!!!!!! This restaurant has so many personal memories for me. The night I was married at The Woodstock Inn, I was “captured” and brought there to dance and have many cocktails(a family tradition that I married in to)…Bringing my 2 children in for the day to shop and have lunches. Meeting my best friend for dinner….No. This is heartbreaking to me. Not to mention Ghost Story was filmed there too. So authentic, warm and inviting..An “Old World” feel ” “charm” and the food and staff were wonderful! Please bring it back….What can I do to help? Woodstock in itself is unique and I know that the town is tough. (Back when I knew it, you had to have permission from the town on choosing a paint color from your home) I have no issue with change, but in this case, I do! xo

  2. RainMan

    Bad memories there. Met my first wife there in 1984.

  3. kat

    This article was published on the day Bentleys closed. There were many subsequent articles covering not only the closing, but the community reaction as well as the restaurant’s plans to reopen and its eventual reopening. If you search for Bentleys on this site here is the result…, listed newest first.

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