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  1. Azadestana

    WOODSTOCK — Vermont police say a Bridgewater man has been cited in an accident between a pickup truck and two horses that sent the horseback riders to the hospital and caused one of the horses to be put down.

    Woodstock police cited 64-year-old Lawrence Allen on Wednesday on a charge of gross negligent operation. He also was issued a traffic ticket for control in the presence of animals.

    Police say Allen’s truck hit the horses and riders on Friday on Route 106 in South Woodstock. The riders— 54-year-old Anne Marie Savino and 28-year-old Christina Phillips — were treated at the hospital and released.

    Police say one horse had to be put down and the other was being treated by a veterinarian.

  2. Azadestana

    Driver Charged In Horse Accident
    APRIL 3, 2013
    Woodstock police have completed the investigation of Saturday’s accident in South Woodstock that left one horse dead, one injured and sent the two riders to the hospital.
    The driver of the pick-up truck that hit the riders and horses, Lawrence Allen of Bloomfield, Vermont, has been cited to appear in Windsor County District Court May 14 to answer to the charge of Gross Negligent Operation. Additionally, Allen was issued a citation for Control in Presence of Animals.

    For more on the accident, see Thursday’s Vermont Standard. (Read the complete story published tonight at 8 p.m. on the Vermont Standard eEdition)

  3. corgihollow

    The Standard should do a follow-up story on this.

  4. Dean Fullerton

    I feel bad for all involved. I’m trying to find more on the story. Like, what actually happened?? Was there negligence? Was the driver speeding, texting or otherwise distracted? Or did something spook the horse(s) and they ran further into the road and in that unfortunate horrible timing into the truck? I guess there isn’t enough infomation here to give a real good judgment. If anyone can tell me what the events were I would appreciate it.

  5. Jessica

    People need to remember that horses have a mind of there own and anything can happen. All you have to do is just slow down and move over if possible (move over) when driving near a horse. They do have the right away like pedestrian do on the road. If your in a car and you hit a horse you will be responsible for the damages. Horse riders if you have a driver that has done something wrong get plate number and call them in, I did that last year and the kid got a very expensive ticket you have the right of way and more rights then them…..

    ATVer I also ride atvs (and Horses) and when I come up on horses or people I slow down/or stop, you don’t have to always drive fast, even though it is fun, there’s places were you can do it and not do it there is no reason to get someone killed being dumb.

    But to horse riders if you have a horses that gets nerves around traffic and you have to cross a road, best to get off and walk them. I have done this more then once and it ends up being a little safer in the end.

  6. Fred

    What has happened to this driver? Nothing? Did he/she offer to pay all vet expenses or otherwise make ammends to the riders?
    This could have been walkers with their children hit by this distracted driver – Shame on you!

  7. Deasanne

    This seems to be a terrible accident. My thoughts go out to all who were involved. But, to Cynthia Sprague, The comment, “Animal People are caring, compassionate, enlightened and Self-Actualized. Non-Animal People are selfish, uncaring, lack compassion and are generally ignorant and oblivious!” is in fact an ignorant thing to say. Not all animal people are caring, compassionate, enlightened and Self-Actualized. Some are selfish, uncaring, lack compassion and are generally ignorant and oblivious! and not all Non-animal people are selfish, uncaring, lack compassion and are generally ignorant and oblivious! Some are caring, compassionate, enlightened and Self-Actualized.

  8. Rob Hathaway

    By the looks of this damaged truck, the driver was pushing 60 m.p.h. Never mind the crumple zones, look at the buckled roof. That had to hurt. And to hit two horses? Was the driver aiming for them?!
    VT landowners in the South Woodstock area are greatly appreciated all over New England for their recreational uses by others – as a VT native and an equestrian, I thank you.
    Please continue to do so, and please encourage other landowners to to follow in your generous footsteps, so we can preserve South Woodstock as a destination. In doing so, we all contribute to a safer world; and immature drivers can learn to take blind curves at high speeds without asking others to participate in their Darwinian ways…

  9. Cynthia Sprague

    Ohh yes. Perhaps if these so called “drivers” were PROSECUTED to the full extent of the law and went to jail and lost their licenses forever and possibly were flogged in public, it just might wake the rest of the idiots up. There are two kinds of people in the world. Animal People are caring, compassionate, enlightened and Sef-Actualized. Non Animal People are selfish, uncaring, lack compassion and are generally ignorant and oblivious! Now comes the difficult part which is to stand up and demand this driver be held accountable.

  10. Cynthia Sprague

    I am so sorry that a lovely, trusting and wonderful horse lost her life due to the callous and inhumane behavior of an uncouth, ignorant, worthless driver. I sincerely hope that this driver is charged with Vehicular Homicide, Reckless Endangerment, Depraved Indifference and any other charge that lawfully applies to this situation. God BLESS the responders to this event. My gratitude to you for your professionalism and compassion. To the owner, you are in my thoughts and prayers.



  11. JudyC

    To Angry Atver:

    You are a TOTAL JACK***!!!!! I grew up in a very rural area of Michigan. I was constantly being taunted by motorcyclists and ATVers who thought it was just great sport to spook my horses. They tried to side swipe me and threw firecrackers at my horse. I rode into the State Conservation land all around my home and they “followed” me you JACK***!! It really is a dad gum miracle neither I or my horse(s) were never hurt! My friends and I rode this area all the time and we always, always rode single file. We even got off the side of the rode and waited for them to pass giving them the entire roadway. It never mattered to the ATVers and motorcyclists! They always came after us, ALWAYS!! Take a flying leap JACK***!!

    My heart goes out to all involved in this unnecessary disaster. God Bless you all and the horses you love.

  12. Meanogremom

    I live in Montana and found this through facebook. First, I think those of you responding to Angry ATVer may be accusing him/her unjustly. That post seemed to be on the horse’s side to me. Second, you would think in this state that people would have the whole pass wide and slow thing figured out. Not so much. I ride and drive on public roads and have seen some pretty stupid acts by drivers. They should take a good look at the pickup involved; it was pretty much totalled. If the vehicle had been a regular car, the driver would be dead as well as the horse.

  13. Katya Solonari

    As someone who has also been in such an accident, my deepest sympathies go out to those in Woodstock. It is true there are far too many accidents of this kind and it is all because people are either ignorant or apathetic to those who share the road. When I was 13 I was trail riding my first mare and best friend. Because I had to walk along about thirty yards of the paved road, I wore a yellow reflective vest. Oh and let me just add that this road has been marked with signs for cattle, tractors and horses. I was just about to turn off the road onto the trail when an elderly man came flying around the corner. He had plenty of time to see us and even honked. That honk spooked my mare causing her to rear up when she was hit. He didn’t even apply the break. Thank goodness when she reared I was thrown out of the way but I still suffered from a broken neck, road-rash, a broken hand and the loss of my best friend.

  14. Mule Mama

    I have had teenagers beep their horns and rev their engines with performance exhausts behind me. Will I was driving my buggy mule. I have had one lady roll down her window and scream, “The road is posted 35, I DON”T need to slow down!” (That was on a first road with rocks flying everywhere.) My spouse is from England. His horse reared up once when he was a teenager and someone drove to close. The horse firmly planted both shod feet on the ladies hood! I am tempted to carry a paint ball gun and pop the drivers as they go by if they threaten my mule/horse…

  15. cridder

    My heart goes out to the ladies on the horses. Prayers are with you and your mare. I rode ride all the time and the ignorance of people really is unbelievable. I’ve been chased and high speeds happen all the time, just like motorcycles we the rider have to watch out for everyone and thing and just cant enjoy a pleasant ride. I live in Amish territory and these accidents happen far to often. I sit here and cry for there loss. People wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Oz

    @ Angry ATVer, HOW DARE YOU, endanger horse, rider and yourself with such callous behavior, and talk! Next time you speed by that horse, consider its 2000 pound weight, versus your own, and what damage it can do to you, all because you can not be bothered to slow down for a moment!

    It’s people like you that give Bike and ATV riders a bad name!

  17. VickyC

    To Angry Atver just to let you know that horses have the right of way over anything else in this country just ask any police officer and they will confirm. So don’t be an a** and slow down next time you see horses on a trail..

  18. Amber A. - Sacramento, CA

    I just found out this terrible news from a friend on facebook. I’m soo sorry for what the families are experiencing. My deepest sympathies and heartfelt love goes out to the riders and even more so the horses involved. I’m soo sad and heartbroken to hear this. These horses have this one beautiful life that should be cherished and respected. They love unconditionally without regret. And touch their owner’s hearts in the most deepest and initimate way possible. I can’t even imagine what the owner’s of these horses are going thru, but please know that you are all in my prayers and my thoughts are with you as you all continue to heal day to day. I’m sending a hug to the riders and the surviving horse for comfort and I truly hope that the surviving horse heals. Remember this horse has lost a dear friend to, such a very tough pill to swallow. Please know that as unbearable and unfair as your loss is right now, its ok to take time to mourn for Annie, to pause and remembering the wonderful horse that she was. And to know its going to be ok, the healing process will happen. Again my sincere sympathies with your families and the surviving horse.

  19. Catherine O'Brien Levey

    I Live in NY, Catskills, we ride the roads all the time to get to our trails, for the most part people are good, but there are those who do not understand that CARS DO NOT OWN THE ROADS! pedestrians, people on bikes, joggers,even a stray dog, have the legal right to be on the road,CARS MUST YIELD! I drive wide loads for a living, I have to yield to oncoming traffic, and anybody that is on the side of the road, It must be taught when people get their license these simple rules of the road, I also lost two horses to a traffic accident, ignorant people think they can zoom around an animal, HOW HARD IS IT TO JUST SLOW DOWN!

  20. FLASH

    People can be so ignorant when it comes to Horses and riders. I was on the dirt road by my farm, and some jerk swore at me telling me to get my F**king horse off the road. I’m sorry but since before thee were cars, it has always s been Horse country. he also got real close to my horse. I was about to make my mare rear up and land her front hooves on the hood of his truck. he is a cattle owner down the road from us and is always speeding down the road everyday. People these days have no respect whatsoever for animals or people anymore. I have tears rolling down my face over this article. My Heart goes out to the riders and the Horses injured, and especially to “Annie’s” Owner. People Please be respectful to others on the road.

  21. Catherine Pressey

    My heart is in my hand, my thoughts are with the riders involved sad to hear about this. Last year I had a story put in our Lewiston Maine paper. About me crossing my very long bridge over Bog Brook Mechanic Falls Maine. I have lived at the same place for 44 years and have no choice if I wish to ride the trail in Minot Maine. I have to cross a very long bridge on Rt. 124. scares me at times. The state redone the bridge a few years back and now instead of having four foot high railings like a fence. Now you got this two to three foot cemet abutments. This bridge is way off the brook, like the high diving horse of Atlantic City if you happen to get pushed over the edge. The main part of the bridge is 265 feet long, with guard rails adding another problem that the old bridge did not have. I used to stop on the edge look as far as I could see each way, with bends both ways, far back but at the rate of speed that vehicle now travel like nothing else is in the road. But now with the guard rails once you start into the funnel your committed. This bridge is not very wide, but wide enough for both lanes of vehicles to travel. No shoulder of any kind to speak of. Now someone shared this story with me here in Maine. This is what I have been saying for many years. But the horsemen here in Maine turn away from this issue do not want to stand up. Though having a meeting once at the county sherriff office with High Sheriff, where by he stated that a horse is a vehicle and has the right to that whole lane of travel. No matter if these horses are single file, a bike is a vehicle a horse is a vehicle in this state. But what I have found true is that motorist attitudes think we horsemen should not be able to ride these public roads in any case. Mark my words, that if horsemen do not take a stand. They will get pushed off the roads much like the DOT here in a place and bridge crossing posted for me years past. Failing to recognize that not replacing the railings with four foot and putting those guard rails both ends of the bridge create a hazard for any horsemen trying to cross. So for me I have either two choices cross and smaller bridge on the next street over, with bends right on top of one approach. And the bridge that I have decided to now cross, but after reading this, I poss to think how fast this must have happened. I have developed over the many years a hard attitude about my right to ride the road with the whole lane for my road space. Those riders did not have to be single file. Clearly single file, you look like one horse, that is if someone is not texting or drunk or what ever. I kind of figure the odds are not good for us horsemen, in these times. Sad for these good horses and the women that loved them. I cried reading many of these comment. For my story I got attacked by motorist, and not any horsemen supported me, at my attempt to educate the motorist. Like I did over the many years. HORSEMEN OF VERMONT, AND PEOPLE OF VERMONT I HONOR YOU. WISH I HAD COMMENTS TO SUPPORT MY PLIGHT.

  22. carebear

    check the law books laddie….horses in most states and provinces in north america DO have the right of way over a motorized vehicle. if you go whipping by on your ATV and spook a horse causing harm to the horse or rider you can be charged……just because you have a fast ATV does not mean you can leave your brains at home and disregard common courtesy towards others. you enjoy riding your ATV, others enjoy riding horses, others enjoy hiking, biking, etc….but you should show respect to everyone using whatever road, street, path, field, whatever that you all share.

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