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  1. Richard Adams

    Back in the 60’s we lived just 3 doors down. I remember on a hot summer night my dad taking me and my brothers over to the Wasp for ice cream. It was a great treat and now a great memory. Sorry to see it go.

  2. Briana DeGruttola

    This could be turned into a great learning opportunity for Woodstock’s high school students! A sorely needed business class from WUHS could take over owning and operating a very simple diner. They could give the profits away to local charities; or help fund class trips, dances, etc.

  3. Geoff Templeton

    I remember having great breakfasts in the early 60’s.

  4. margie robinson

    Yes, sad…the building has been there for at least 60 years, went there as a child…loved the name and it’s never changed…good luck to you!

  5. Ruth Search

    Sorry to hear this. Another Woodstock tradition closing. They had the best tuna sandwiches with crunchy lettuce and tomatos on wheat!

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