Select Board Picks Taftsville Bridge Roof Color

April 29, 2013

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By Katy Savage, Standard Correspondent

Among a list of 32 options, the Woodstock Select Board decided the new color of the Taftsville Covered Bridge roof will be dark green and its meeting Wednesday.

The trustees chose among reds, greens, oranges, grays, blues, browns and whites.

“Gray’s not floating my boat,” said Select Board member Preston Bristow. “I’m still kind of in the market for green, black or bronze.”

With no input from the public, the Select Board members were left to decide on their own. They discussed how well the paint color would fade over time.

“I think it will (fade). Any I’ve seen do,” said Select Board member John Doten.

The Select Board selected “Hartford Green” from a sheet provided by the contractor, Drexel Metals Inc., but officials scratched out the name, calling it “dark” green instead. It was one of five greens on the handout. There was also Patina Green, Forest Green, Everglade Moss and Aged Copper. Drexel Metals will start painting the roof this summer. Swanson said the paint will last for 50 years.

Swanson also showed the Select Board an example of a conduit that has been popular in other towns, such as Middlebury.

“The conduit will run down the side of the bridge on each side, it won’t be overhead anymore,” he said. “You’ve got some new wood that’s light and some old wood that’s dark so it will blend.”

The Select Board unanimously agreed on a brown conduit color.

The Taftsville Covered Bridge is the third oldest covered bridge in Vermont. Before it was destroyed by Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, it was green. Before that, the roof had a galvanized color that rusted over, said Village Manager Phil Swanson.

The bridge, which spans the Ottaquechee River, was built by Solomon Emmons III in 1836. Major repair work was done after the flood of 1869. The bridge was again renovated in the early 1950s when metal reinforced for the roof bracing were added. According to

Covered Bridges of the Northeast,

it is also one of the most painted covered bridges in New England.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on Aug. 28, 1973.

The next Select Board meeting is scheduled for May 7 at the Town Hall.


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