This Week’s Headlines, April 18, 2013

‘We’re From Vermont, We Don’t Think Of Bombs’

Boston Marathon Explosions

AP Photo People react to an explosion at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Owen Murphy, a Killington bartender, ran in the race. – read the story

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Small Talk – What was your reaction to the bombings at the Boston Marathon?


Two Riders In Horse Accident Are Recovering
by Virginia Dean, Standard Correspondent

Snow Dump Delayed, But Project Still On
by Katy Savage, Standard Correspondent

Work Camps For Prisoners Give Sense Of Purpose
by Katy Savage, Standard Correspondent

Best-selling Author To Speak At Library’s Ex Libris Dinner
by John Mathews, Special To The Standard

Woodstock Man On Marathon: ‘It Was Surreal’
by Eric Francis, Standard Correspondent

The Former A&B Building Gets New Life — Elsewhere
by Eric Francis, Standard Correspondent

Researchers Unfold Secrets Of Hartland Cemetery
by Katy Savage, Standard Correspondent

Billionaire Owns Gallery, Peddles Soap In Bucolic Reading
by Gwen Stanley, Standard Staff

The Joy Is In The Carving For Bridgewater Drum Crafter
by Tony Marquis, Standard Staff

Historical Society Picks New History Head
Staff Report

Vermont Standard 160th Anniversary — Hardworking Former Standard Owner Had Humorous Side
by Virginia Dean, Standard Correspondent

Lake Sunapee Bank Buys Randolph National
by Virginia Dean, Standard Correspondent

A Call Out For Bill James’ Artwork
by Anne Bourne, Special To The Standard

River Street Will Be Closed For At Least Eight More Weeks
by Nancy Davis, Woodstock Village

Repairs Underway At The GMP Hydroelectric Building In Taftsville
by Charlie Wilson, Taftsville

Annette C. Compton Fiertz Trail Stewardship Award Announced

The Sad Story Of 21 Dead Birds And A Dying Bobcat
by Chloe Powell, Barnard

Scenic Route 100 Byway Plans Moving Forward
by Margo Marrone, Plymouth

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