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  1. Lisa Putnam

    I know first hand how unfair the woodstock high school is. My child was threatened with a knofe by another student, and the student that did the threatening only got a 2 day suspension. How unfair is that. I never even got a phone call from the high school to let me know that my child had been threatened with a deadly weapon. After 3 phone calls to the principal i finally was able to speak to hom, and his excuse for not calling to inform me of what had happened was ” he was to busy trying to figure out the consequenses that he didnt have time to call me” . It took so long to figure the punishment, and the kid only got a 2 day suspension. And according to the police the school should have reported it the police and it never was. What is wrong with this school. They pick and choose who gets punished and who doesn’t. How fair is that.

  2. Anonymous

    As a current member of the school I can attest to the strict consequences for drug use and abuse as well as any and all types of bullying. If the school knows then something is done about it. It’s too bad that a lot of this stuff never gets to the ears of any school members and frankly many kids get away with multiple other types offenses that do warrant a response like this. Maybe now that they have seen what happens to people who act like this maybe other students will either be more careful and be less public about their vices or might avoid inappropriate actions on school property to begin with.

  3. Kayla Brianne Titus

    Students being punished for mistakes is sickening. What is the schools drug policy? Id like to know because they sweep drug related incidents under the rug, they dont have very strict procedures when students are physically threatened, but if a student leaves something in his car, the town goes wild. It disturbs me honestly, because the WUHS has an extremely unfair way of punishment. As a former student of the school, I personally experienced the discrimination of the school first hand. I’m speechless at how this is being handled, after personally seeing drug possession and drug distribution go unreported and treated like nothing in this school. When a school cares more about its reputation, than their students, something needs to be done.

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