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  1. Eugene

    Bill, your comments are well aartculited, as usual.John, I cannt speak for others, but for myself, I have had and still have no conflicts of interest regarding the work I do on the PZC and for the people of Woodstock. I have not seen any overt conflicts of interest on behalf of my colleagues on the PZC these past 2 years and in fact, there have been times that individual Commissioners have recused themselves from a particular item because of a conflict of interest. I hope that the PZC will continue to strive to communicate with the people of Woodstock the importance of building upon the POCD that is already in place (and the various and varied issues that a good POCD touches upon and has impacts upon). The POCD review and update process will span several years in order to gain as much diversified input from as many people as possible, and not to proceed with things in haste. We have a statutory deadline of 2012 to have the POCD review done. Although state statutes require only a POCD review once every 10 years, the PZC is looking for a review and update . Because of the significant importance of municipal master planning, the PZC started the POCD review process early so as to give enough time to this important issue and to give ample opportunities over that time for people to provide comments and ideas. We have hosted a number of such meetings already.In addition, the PZC is proceeding with its ongoing work to provide the people of Woodstock with good zoning regulations, developed in a common sense and a common purpose manner. As has been shown in a number of our public meetings (all of our meetings are public), we have been looking into the specifics of telecommunications issues (my many thanks to everyone who started, who is on, and who has worked with the Telecommunications Task Force) and commercial zoning regulations, for examples. We have updated a very out of date land use fee schedule that the town uses so as not to have public tax payer money used to subsidize private land development/use. We are working on a zoning violation fine ordinance (allowed by state statute and used by many, many municipalities in CT) so to provide more enforcment to our regulations and to not have tax payer money being used to deal with ongoing zoning violations.All of the work and results that the PZC has been and is doing is done with consensus of the Commission working together as a team. It is always important to find the balance between individual property rights and what is best for a community as a whole. It is equally important not to have loose or vague zoning regulations and not to have overly burdensome and restrictive regulations.If people are interested in reading an article about master planning and zoning regulations, see my article in the Villager newspaper on October 30th, 2009, titled some basics of a town’s planning and zoning .JeffThe above represent my own personal comments and do not in any manner reflect official statements or positions of the PZC.

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