YV: Forts at the beach when… disaster comes

May 19, 2013

in Youth Voices

Narrative: By Erica Kurash


Yes,were finally done with the fort. “ Now we can play in it , I screamed! When I looked up, I  saw an old lady  with her grandkids. She did not look very kind AT all.  Her voice was deep,and she had an angry looking face. I got nervous and hid in the fort built of sand. My cousins  I froze.


The fort was made of sand.From the top of the beach you andcan see the back wall and the front wall but, not the inside. It was a deep fort.


The laidy’s grandkids ran into the beach area and quickly came closer to the sandy beach, when all the sudden the lady yelled in her deep voice, “ Get over her kids the beach is not the same as yesterday! “ When your mom comes down here, you can go in the water; till then you have to stay right here by the chair.” I was so scared,I thought she was going to punnish us!  Three seconds later, I heard a voice say, “Get over here Abigail!!  Abigail get over here!!” It was the lady. When I started to hear that  voice, I knew it was her. I just knew it was her!


Then the lady, in her deep voice asked “Kids what are you doing making holes in this beach?” I didn’t know what to say, if anything.Then I finally told her  I was making a fort. Right that very second Aunt Pam came back from putting the kayak  away. “They make forts every year, and when we are done, we fill in the them back in and no one makes a fuss!”


The little kids’ mom came to the beach, and didn’t care what we had done.The little kids, their  mom, and my cusons and I, went out to the raft and played like nothing had happend. Then 45 minutes  later my cousins and I had to go to dinner. After that moment I did not want to see that lady  EVER agin!!!


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