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YV: JFK, Research

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JFK by Stephen Novello




And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do

for your country,” said John Fitzgerald Kennedy in his famous inaugural speech. This shows that people should ask what can they do to improve america not wait for america to improve. JFK was a great man in his short time in presidency. He was famous for his acts on segregation and the cold war. He ended the cold war, he let blacks be equal to whites and opened a school in the white house for blacks and whites.This improved the US


The cold war was over and the President announced all the threats were over (Sommer,John F. Kennedy : his life and legacy p.84). The Soviet Union stopped sending threats because JFK persuaded them to stop. He told everybody the war is over. He said the Soviets had left our country alone. “The war is settled and the soviets no longer threaten us.”So after those words the country took a long deep breath and let the last of their worries out with a huge exhale and everybody felt safe.


JFK also fought against segregation. When slaves were getting hurt he told everybody that blacks should be treated equally as whites.He protested that blacks are humans so are whites and if we’re all human then why should one human be treated better than the other? You can’t control the color of your skin so why are blacks somehow worse? “We should have peace with blacks and whites if blacks and whites are both human then why is one human the unlucky underdog?” (       )Whites are the same as blacks so they should be treated equal, and they were.

JFK was so supportive of civil rights that he opened a school for blacks and whites in the white house! That made people wonder if blacks and whites were the same.The whites in the south started to let blacks and whites equal in public. People pondered if slavery was wrong and so they started to let slaves go. “The school held little black girls and boys and white girls and boys and they all got along and had fun together.”Blacks and whites started to work together and have fun together. People had peace.


On November twenty second at one p.m. in Dallas riding on a campaign car with his wife , JFK was assassinated by twenty four year old Lee Harvey Oswald from a nearby parking lot two bullets were launched, one into JFK’s neck and one into his skull. By one forty three p.m.JFK was pronounced dead. three days later Lee Harvey Oswald was assassinated by a Dallas nightclub owner named

Jack Ruby when Lee was being transferred to a new jail. But JFK’s lessons lived on and the people carried out JFK’s last dream (that blacks and whites will one day be completely equal)and they did and JFK’s soul was happy.


~go raibh maith agat!





Sommer,Shelley . “John F. Kennedy : his life and legacy. New York City : HarperCollins,2005.





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