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YV: Why There are No Unicorns

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Fiction: By Travon Olmstead


People were fighting, swords were clashing.Two of the biggest gods, Poseidon and Hades, were fighting over one of the most beautiful goddesses, Leonya. Leonya  ruled over unicorns and nice things . She had light pink skin and purple hair. She wore a shirt of a unicorn. Also, she has her ears pierced.


One day Leonya was playing with her magical wand spawning unicorns. And then she stared at  Poseidon riding his dolphins and Leonya instantly fell in love with him. Poseidon looked back and smiled at her with his nice white teeth. She knew he was the one for her.


Back in the underworld, Poseidon was not the only one who was in love with Leonya. Hades, the god of the underworld, was too. He had minions of skeletons, ghost and ghouls. But once he heard of this Leonya, he went straight to the real world to see her, but she was hanging out with Poseidon.  Hades was furious with rage. He demanded Leonya to love him, not Poseidon. But she said, “NO”!


Hades was not happy with her decision. Hades made a crack in the world and flew angrily down where he belongs. While he flew he yelled, “This is not the last time you’ll see me.”


Back in the underworld, Hades was really mad at what Leonya said, but could do nothing about it. He created a plan to take and destroy her wand because thats how she gets her life. Hades was going to  get all of his minions and attack Poseidon and then take Leona’s  wand and break it so then she will be forced to go to the underworld. “HA HA HA,” said Hades in a dark evil voice.


The very next day Hades went to ground level and demanded Leonya to be his wife. She still said no. So in one motion he raised his hands and all of his minions rose. Some rose from the graves others came from a big crack in the ground. Everything was burning, all the unicorns were dying. Leonya couldn’t do anything about it but help Poseidon. she tried . The skeleton, ghost and ghouls were no match for the titans that were on Poseidon’s side. He also had most of the gods were on his side. But he had the three headed dog. The gods couldn’t kill it only another creature could. Because every time a god would kill it it would die then come back to life.

The skeletons shot arrows at unicorns. The unicorns used their horns to shoot magical rainbow lasers. But they didn’t do anything because the skeletons are already dead, And it would go right through them. as for the zombies they would bite the unicorns and turn them into a zombie unicorns.


“We will never kill it,” said Poseidon.


“It’s destroying everything,” said Leonya, “someone help please.”


Gaea was was up on Mount Olympus not satisfied in Hades. She was so so mad she decide to help Poseidon by sending a huge beast down to earth “That will show him not to destroy mother nature” in a thundery voice said Gaea.


Hades had one person one his side. It was Cronos. Cronos took over the god of sky once he defeated his dad Uranus, but was soon defeated by his son Zeus. Cronos was a very strong man and he agreed to help Hades if after the war he will get half of the minions that survive and Hades said yes.


“The world is burning” said Poseidon in a frighten voiced


“No kidding,” said Leonya sarcastically. “What should we do Poseidon?”


“Let’s try to put the fire out”


“Not so fast,” said Hades with a smirk on his face. and behind him was Cronos.


What are you doing back here?” said Leonya


“Well im obviously here for you or your wand.”Then suddenly a huge four armed  beast rose from the ground and roared.


“Who created this?” Said Hades.


“What is”…Before Leonya could say anything the beast grabbed her wand and smashed it to the ground. Then suddenly she disappeared into some pink mist. That’s when Hades realized she went to the underworld. Immediately he went down in joy. She was down there and so was Cronos.


“Give me half of your army!” He said


“Yeah about that I lied.” Said hades then he grabbed Cronos and threw him into the pit of Tartarus. And as for Leonya, She married Hades. Because she knew the four armed beast wasn’t his creation. And she felt sad that he had nobody down here besides his minions and dead things.


And as for Poseidon he was not happy.




“I’m so sorry” Gaea whispered. She didn’t know that her plan would fail.


YV: Why There are No Unicorns Reviewed by on .   Fiction: By Travon Olmstead   People were fighting, swords were clashing.Two of the biggest gods, Poseidon and Hades, were fighting over one of the   Fiction: By Travon Olmstead   People were fighting, swords were clashing.Two of the biggest gods, Poseidon and Hades, were fighting over one of the Rating:

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