AG Sorrell Takes Off To Visit Turkey

June 3, 2013

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Associated Press

Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell is traveling to Turkey this week with a delegation of attorneys general from around country.

The attorneys general, who departed Friday, will meet with President Abdullah Gul, the Turkish ambassador to the United States, the ministry of justice and the chief judge of the constitutional court. The group also will meet with Turkish journalists lawyers and business officials.

“It provides the Attorneys General with the opportunity to learn about and discuss common legal problems, such as issues relating to cyber security, consumer fraud, and human trafficking, and to explore potential solutions,” Sorrell said. “More importantly, it provides us with the opportunity to share with others the importance of freedom of the press, civil rights, the rule of law and other principles so basic to democracy.”

The trip is being sponsored by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Coalition of America, which is covering the overseas travel, meals and lodging, Sorrell’s office said.


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Linda Quackenbush June 4, 2013 at 2:18 pm

On whose dollar is Sorrell visiting Turkey on? Conservative Vermonter’s are being targeted with censorship right here in our own STATE! Peter Shumlin is part of Obama’s Progressive Alliance which is a Communist front! Shumlin is using his EXECUTIVE ORDER privilege to pass huge legislation like Common Core, Gr. Mntn. Care and Smart Meter compliance. The Federal government is giving Shumlin millions of Federal grant dollars to implement these programs without any Democratic process to the public. Obama is basically outsourcing our “votes” to unelectable boards and Executive Order privilege! This isn’t Democracy this is Socialism… Check out the Progressive Alliance and the Labour Party?

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