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  1. Dennis G. Nolan

    1. Historic buildings do not necessarily have to fully comply with the ADA. The ADA does contain a logic path to provide exceptions.
    2. Public Accomodations have a mandatroy barrier removal requirement under Title III, AND there are tax credits available for brining those buildings into compliance.
    3. The ADA NEVER intended to force a business to close. There is clear language from the US-DOJ advising that when there is no money to comply, compliance can be put off until there is money; not only that, but there is no mandate that everything must be done at once.
    In my opinion, the business should retain the services of a compentent ADA educator to help them navigate through this critical civl rights law. After all, it’s been the law for 20+ years.

    Respectfully submited; Dennis G. Nolan

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