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  1. Mary Hughes

    Did they ever decided who was at fault on the horse trailer accident

  2. Janice Prindle

    There was a fatal head on at this very spot about ten years ago, maybe more, that killed a Hartford town employee. You would think this would have prompted some local pressure to make improvements here in terms of visibility, lowering the speed limit, etc. Instead they seem on board with yet more development just down the road by the Mobil station, increasing the traffic at this already dangerous spot, and just a bit further west, more residential development (if the land sells) on the very stretch where our March fatality occurred, another part of Route 4 where cars coming from either direction have NOWHERE to go if there’s suddenly a vehicle in your lane. While driver inattention is certainly a huge, and increasing, problem, I also think we are looking at years of ignoring local and state indifference to poorly designed (and maintained) roads and a lack of coordination around planning issues that influence traffic patterns.

  3. scott baumann

    rt4 ok folks lets wakeup , lets spend a whole lot of money on widing the rd rumble stripes come on. how about we learn how to drive. #1. cars are not rolling reasturants you want that food, please go in drive thrus, bad! open up that bag pull out the food , eyes off the rd hands are off the wheel bad!.#2. ok we have that cell phone, ring ring ring eyes are off the rd hand off the wheel looking for phone pushing buttons bad!, whoops that curve came up quick, please if its so important to get milk pull over and check the phone at your fav store. #3,the music, gotta change that staition , put in that disk, you really have to be a good driver to do all that, whoops eyes off the rd hand off the wheel bad!. I can go on,and on about driving etiquette, but it all starts with us, lets learn how to drive, remember we are all out there, its not the rd its us, keep your eyes on the rd and your hands upon the wheel , because the future is certain and the end is always some paint down the middle ok

  4. Mary Hughes

    When will the reports be out on the accidents on Route 4

  5. mike scelza

    i travel route 4 several times a day. i drive school bus and it amazes me the “attention deficit” people have. sitting in a school bus i see so many things. on a daily basis, i see guys shaving, women putting on makeup, men and women using fingernail clippers, eating, on a computer and on phone, whether texting or simply on phone. i 110% agree with A name doesnt matter…people need to pay attention. the last 2 head on accidents were on a section of road that is wider than most of route 4, yes, they were on corners, but..the road conditions were not jagged potholes/cracked pavement. plain and simple..people need to pay attention. article in valley news states 8,000 people travel this on a daily basis. in last several years, on my way to “the wall” the number of vehicles at 6:30 am has increased frpom approximately 50 cars, back in 2008 to about 90 cars. this total is from routes 4 and 5 in white river to the wall. the number of vehicles travelled each day is up. 8,000 is conservative i feel. which no matter what, more cars…people need to pay attention MORE. like i previously mentioned, no cracked pavement or narrow road where the last 2 head ons occured, so…plain and simple fact remains that people need to pay attention to road and traffic and stop shaving, applying makeup, looking at computers, and stay off your phone. Hartford Police have been patrolling route 4 more since last year and in recent months have been out a lot more. just because you may not see themwhen you drive doesnt mean that they havent been out. the town of hartford consist of 5 villages. with 3-5 officers on duty (day shift) this means that coverage will not always be there. and on a side note, people who travel on foggy mornings, use your headlights and use your directionals. directional signal are not an option. they are required.!!!!

  6. Jo

    It’s sad to know that there was yet another accident on Rte 4, but I’m glad this one didn’t end with another fatality. I live in Quechee and don’t like driving on rte 4 myself. People are always in a rush to go no where it seems and with the bad shape of the road it makes it even harder to push over for those who love to cross the yellow line. As soon as I hit the Fat Hat Factory I turn onto Quechee Main and drive that to the covered bridge just to avoid what I consider the worst part of 4. Something needs to be done. More police patrols, rumble strips, better common sense.. I will say though that I have seen police officers several times along rte 4 myself, especially in the pull offs between Fat Hat and Quechee State Park.

  7. diana

    I really wish Hartford pd would continue updating it’s fb page with the facts of these accidents. Awareness is key and the more people see how distracted driving (not sure whether or not that is the case with this accident) affects our safety and theirs, the more likely they may be to think twice before looking away from the road. Keeping the public informed of ehat is happening around them is a matter of public safety. I drive that road everyday white knuckled at this point. I missed today’s accident by a matter of minutes. I wish I could trust the drivers around me.

  8. A name doesn't matter

    Plain and simple truth … when will people slow down and pay attention. People complain the roads are not wide enough or need rumble strips etc … well if you slow down and pay attention you don’t have to worry about either of them. I have traveled these roads for 30 yrs and I don’t have any issues except for some good old fashioned VT pot holes. don’t get me wrong … the loss of lives and the injuries suck but it is not the fault of the roads, towns, states, etc … it is the drivers … again … the truth, plain and simple!

  9. EP

    Why not wait until the investigation is completed, as opposed to making unfounded speculations about what actually happened.

  10. nancee

    Maybe the Sheriff who patrols in Bridgewater should be patrolling here too!

  11. Tim Pyer

    I live about two miles from the queeche mobile and travel that route to get onto 89. I also walk it sometimes. It doesnt surprise me that there are alot of head on collisions on that road.

  12. Kasey

    Rte 4 has got to be the worst road in the state…. when will they do something about this? Rumble strips right down the Center line would be a good start I think…

  13. Avoiding Route 4 @ All Cost

    I agree with Mary. It’s insane that there have been zero police officers patrolling this road. The radar that was setup to show your speed along with the speed limit sign was only a small (very small) improvement. Let’s get it together, guys!

  14. Mary

    Why haven’t police officers been patrolling this stretch of road the past 4 months? I haven’t seen one cop monitoring this road and I drive it multiple times a day. Pickup trucks with massive campers attached and tractor trailers speeding (50-60mph), people on cell phones, tailgating, the list goes on. And yet not one cop. 4th terrible accident in 3 months. Sickening.

  15. Brittany Smith

    WHEN WILL PEOPLE LEARN! There has been too many accidents on route 4. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE. Put away your cell phones and FOCUS ON DRIVING.

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