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  1. Janice Prindle

    I think they could help IF they were not the same old nagging slow down signs but a simple (short) message: 5 Fatalities in 3 Months. Go Slow. Doesn’t take much to read that and drivers might react to the hard facts (easily updated) more readily.

    I also think the facts about the frequency of accidents AND fatalities on Route 4 should be put into a flyer or booklet or poster that the state puts in its visitor centers and distributes to restaurants, shops, motels, all tourist-oriented businesses along Route 4. So many of these incidents have involved drivers from out of the area.

  2. Jennifer

    JUST HOW is a message board that makes you take your eyes OFF the road going to help? Please tell me this. I saw one of these signs last week and it was even on the other side of the road.
    PEOPLE just need to pay attention and do the speed limit. PERIOD.

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